Indigo Collection is an online store that offers a thoughtful, curated selection of vintage home decor accessories, which have lived previous lives and are ready to infuse energy and character into any room. Indigo Collection is about enhancing your living space – adding depth, style, and a point of view – and making good design approachable. What isn't Indigo Collection about? Being exclusionary or intimidating.

Ray and Charles Eames (Megan's personal favorites) Serge Mouille, and other masters of mid-century modern design set the stage for others to be inspired by their groundbreaking aesthetic and continue to create work defined by craftsmanship, clean and clever silhouettes, and eye-catching proportions. That's why you'll find an assortment of items at Indigo Collection – representing various periods and price points.

Owner & Curator: Megan Tinkler

With a longstanding passion for creative expression and spaces that tell a story, Megan studied interior design in college and became the co-owner of a design business within four years of graduating.

Nurturing her adventurous spirit, the Georgia girl moved to Washington, D.C., where she discovered an affinity for vintage and became reacquainted with the mid-century modern design she'd studied years before. She fell in love with the style and decided to make it official by starting her collection with a brilliantly designed 6-drawer chest by Rway Furniture Company and a handsome Lucite magazine rack by Braeside Studios. They've shared a happy life together ever since.

A stint at Design Within Reach gave her a comprehensive education in mid-century modern's philosophy, masters, and those who have followed in their footsteps. This, combined with four years of exploring design as an executive in the creative industry, have helped Megan hone a well-rounded aesthetic.

When not curating vintage home goods, Megan is working with her new husband, Shaw, on caffeinating adventurers who give a damn with their organic, fair trade coffee business, Rebel Pine.